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Looking to upgrade your phone online? Sign in with your My Vodafone details or get a one-time code via TXT to see if you're eligible to upgrade today! When can I upgrade with Vodafone? With Vodafone, you can upgrade your contract 75 days before it ends. Just log into your online Vodafone account if you'd like to check your exact upgrade eligibility date. Can I upgrade early on Vodafone? You have the option of upgrading 75 days before the end of your contract with Vodafone. SIM only plan upgrades Our Unlimited data plans let you use your phone to the max - you won't run out or find extra charges on your bill. You can also find out if you can upgrade in the My Vodafone app or by logging in to My Vodafone and selecting Upgrade or change .

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Same number, same benefits, better price. Upgrade on your network even if you haven't bought from us before. View FAQs. Check now. All made even better being on the fastest network with the largest 4G coverage. We have the widest range of networks on the High Street, phone upgrades vodafone.

So you can compare more deals, to find phone upgrades vodafone one that's right for you. Some networks allow you to upgrade before your contract ends. We can only process early upgrades over the phone or in-store. Use our online Upgrade Checker to find out if you're eligible for an upgrade. We have a great range of Phone upgrades vodafone free and Pay as you go phones.

If you buy a new phone, you'll be able to use your existing SIM until it's time for your upgrade. To make sure you don't miss your upgrade, sign up to our Upgrade Reminder Phone upgrades vodafone and we'll contact you as soon as you can upgrade. Your details might not have been put in correctly or didn't match our records. We need your details to check your eligibility date with your network.

It's important you use all phone upgrades vodafone details that you have associated with your phone contract, phone upgrades vodafone. If you are on EE, you will be asked for the bank account details that you have set up with your phone contract direct debit, phone upgrades vodafone.

This is a requirement from EE to verify that it is your phone contract. Your details will not be shared with any third parties and we comply with the Data Protection Act We also use a server certificate to encrypt data transmissions and assure you of security. As of 2nd Marchonly EE plans will be available for new and upgrading customers. This is due to EE taking over both networks, now operating under one brand. If you're an existing Orange or T-Mobile customer looking to upgrade, fear not, as your loyalty with them will not be affected, and will be transferred to EE.

EE is the fastest and most widely available 4G network in the UK, which means that if you are to upgrade to 4G network you will be able to enjoy superfast internet speeds.

We should also note that if you are a customer who does not have a 4G contract, you will be unaffected and will continue to receive the same great service. Contact us Email or Call us Contact a store Store locator. Services Check if you can upgrade Trade in your old phone Insurance information Register for latest deals Explore flexible leasing Explore flexible credit. About us Why buy from us?

The following items have been added to the basket:, phone upgrades vodafone. Go to basket. New Contract Pay monthly. Added to compare. All Categories. We uses cookies to offer you a better experience. By using this site, you agree we can set and use cookies. Accept and close. Home Upgrades. Anyone can upgrade with us Upgrade for phone upgrades vodafone Can You Upgrade Today? Use our upgrade checker to check if you're eligible for an upgrade.

Check now Or to discuss your upgrade over the phone call us today on: Check the best upgrade deals on your network. Why upgrade with Carphone Warehouse? Keep your number and benefits Keep all your benefits, get a better price, and get our additions on top!

Upgrade for less Same number, same benefits, better price. Our Price Promise If you find a cheaper deal than ours, we'll match it and pay your first monthly bill. Latest upgrade phones. Samsung Galaxy S Apple iPhone 8. Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Apple iPhone XR. Upgrading FAQs. I didn't buy my last phone contract from Carphone Warehouse. Can I still upgrade? We can definitely help you with your upgrade. You don't phone upgrades vodafone to have bought from us before. Can I upgrade early on my network? I don't know when my contract started, how can I find out? I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet, but I need a new phone. What else can I do? Will you remind me when I am due? Why couldn't I upgrade? Why do you need all my details phone upgrades vodafone check my upgrade date?

Why can't I upgrade to Orange or T-Mobile? Buy online or call us. Why buy from Carphone Warehouse? Apply Filters.


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phone upgrades vodafone


Shop for all the latest bill pay phones from Samsung, iPhone, HTC and more. Looking to upgrade your phone online? Sign in with your My Vodafone details or get a one-time code via TXT to see if you're eligible to upgrade today! Our best upgrade deals on Vodafone. Upgrading to Vodafone gives you access to a great range of benefits, on top of the network’s ultrafast 4G coverage, including Vodafone Global Roaming in up to destinations, as well as up to 24 months of entertainment on Red Entertainment plans.