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Nov 21,  · From icons to system glyphs, WinterBoard has the power to transform the aesthetics of the user interface on an iPhone or iPad. With the release of iOS 9, designers have been updating existing themes and releasing new ones, many of which we’ve looked through to bring you some of the best Winterboard themes for iOS 9 in Timothy Reavis. Aug 18,  · List of 5 Best WinterBoard Themes for iPad iOS 7. It is a minimalist theme with flat colors and a complete change-over from the regular iOS 7 environment. It is up for receiving an update soon on iPad, and the iPhone version has been recently updated. It is a favorite of many users so go for it if you feel like Sultan Shaik. Ios 7 of The Best Winterboard Themes For IOS 7 by Brandon Stewart also more Ideas like iOS , iOS 3, iOS 4 Wallpaper, iOS 5, iPhone iOS, iOS 6, Home Screen iOS 7, Apple iOS, iPhone 7, iOS Evolution, iOS 7 Icons, iOS 15, iOS 7 Wallpaper HD, iOS Control Center, iOS , iOS Wallpaper, iPhone 7 Design, Apple iPhone 7, iOS , Windows , iOS 7 Plus, 13 iOS, iOS 7 iPad Wallpaper, iOS 1.

Top 5 Best Winterboard Themes for iOS 7 in [Free and Paid]

Joe Rossignol on January 14, While many third-party apps still require custom icons, which will be added over time, the ones that are currently themed look very good, good iphone 5 winterboard themes. Zanilla 2 has drop shadows much like Solstice does below, and the general color scheme of this theme is quite nice.

Surprisingly, Zanilla good iphone 5 winterboard themes is currently without a home on Cydia. Expect it to hit a repository soon. While some themes are trying to mahe your Home screen really stand out, good iphone 5 winterboard themes, UltraFlat for iOS 7 takes a different approach by simply flattening the stock icons.

All this results in a theme that offers a very consistent design while complimenting the rest of the iOS interface. Ayeris is not an overt punch-you-in-the-mouth sort of theme. Ayeris comes bundled with about themed app icons. All of the stock iOS app icons have been tweaked and themed to match the overall style of Ayeris, and many of the popular third-party applications have been themed as well. Better yet, even more icons are in the process of being added. People searching for a very simplistic yet sophisticated tweak should look no further than Clarity for iPhone.

Clarity features almost glyphs for many stock and third-party applications. The one major issue with a theme like Clarity is that non-themed icons will definitely stand out, making the theme look inconsistent and unfinished. Clarity, by Smuys, is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository. With simplicity being at the heart of iOS 7 design, this new iPhone theme by Mike Birkey uses transparency to achieve a look that reminds us of the Clarity theme above, good iphone 5 winterboard themes.

Just as we noted with Clarity, be prepared for non-themed icons to stick out like eyesores, good iphone 5 winterboard themes, at least until more icons requests are fulfilled.

We recently highlighted the new challenges that theme makers face because of the way iOS 7 is built, and Tim Collins is certainly one of those people. While these themes are intended to skin the entire user interface, limitations of iOS 7 will — at least for now — limit the both to providing custom icons on the Home screen.

Collins is also the creative brainchild behind RocketSauce, another well-designed theme that he recently patched for Winterboard on iOS 7 and bit devices.

RocketSauce was another theme that used to skin the entire iOS user interface, but currently just customizes the SpringBoard icons with fog-like curved edges.

Collins will be issuing updates to this theme to add functionality back where possible, although it will take time. Solstice takes the stock iOS 7 icons and redefines them with long shadows and a slightly less eye-popping color palette.

Solstice is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository. The smallest of glyphs are even skinned, like app notification badges and the five symbols at the bottom of the Emoji keyboard. The quality and effort put into the icons is clearly apparent, with very detailed custom icons that have been crafted one pixel at a time. Elite7 remains a work in progress, with access to the beta and all future versions available on a subscription basis.

A theme that I have previously covered, Space Blueberry by Gionata gives over 70 of your Home screen icons a slightly more cartoon or flat appearance. Unfortunately, this theme is currently incompatible with iPad.

With a good iphone 5 winterboard themes 60,plus downloads, Flat7 has emerged as one of the leading iOS 7 themes for iPhone and iPod touch so far. The theme overhauls all Apple stock icons, in addition to a growing number of third-party apps, with a more consistent and flat design. Additionally, you can enable one of two different overlays in Winterboard to make the icons circular or hexagonal in shape.

All stock apps have custom icons, alongside several popular third-party apps. Oil7 is the work of designer Zutx, and is available now as a free download from Cydia on the BigBoss repository. Good iphone 5 winterboard themes it a try. Every bit of support that these designers receive motivates them to work on additional icon requests and future projects for the benefit of all of us.

Most designers offer various methods of making a donation, and leaving one is a great way to show a small token of appreciation. For those of you who would like to keep up with our themes coverage, make sure to check out our dedicated theming section that not only highlights themes, but also jailbreak tweaks that can take your UI customization tothe next level.

Any noteworthy themes not covered here? What do you think are the best jailbreak themes? Sound off below! UltraFlat for iOS 7 While some themes are trying to mahe your Home screen really stand out, UltraFlat for iOS 7 takes a different approach by simply flattening the stock icons.


iOS themes: Best Cydia Themes for Winterboard & Anemone


good iphone 5 winterboard themes


The recent release of a Winterboard update with bit compatibility marks a convenient time to reflect on some of the best themes for iOS 7 devices to date. It’s important to keep in mind that a number of popular themes from iOS 6 have yet to be updated, although it is safe to assume that many designers will release new versions in the ensuing weeks and Joe Rossignol. Top 10 Best WinterBoard/Cydia themes of / / Top 10 Best WinterBoard Themes of This is a total package of a theme and not a bad way to start this best Winterboard themes countdown. NOKI Theme HD Again, this is one of the best white themes out there to go along with your white iPhone 4 / 4S / 5. Even if you don't have a white. Top 5 Best Winterboard Themes for iOS 7 in #1) Zanilla 2 (Free) Zanilla 2 Winterboard theme for iOS 7 offers a clean and sophisticated design with a shiny drop shadow under the icons. The theme ambition is to give a shiny look to the device without cracking any modification Sohil Memon.